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Sonic Electric Tooth Cleaner Plaque Tartar Calculus Tooth Stain Remover for Adult Kids

Original price $109.99
Current price $32.99

[ Adopts Sonic Technology ] - Most of the plaque remover on the market are motor vibration (you can feel the vibration of the handle). YaFex electric teeth cleaner adopts the real ultrasonic technology, the vibration frequency can reach 40KHZ. Effortless crush stubborn calculus, hard tartar, and coffee or smoke stains. (The handle will not vibrate and also without working sound. Use it on your teeth and you will feel it working.)

[ 100% Safe & Painless ] - The dental calculus remover is activated only when the cleaning head touches teeth or hard objects, and it will stop vibrate automatically when it touches soft gums, 100% safe to your gums, and very easy to use even for first-time users. (We recommend starting with the softest mode).

[ NO Vibration, Very Low Noise ] Thanks to ultrasonic technology, the handle of the calculus remover without any vibration during use and with very low noise. Very comfortable to use. (Some customers even think the machine is defective because it has no vibration and working sound, please try it on your teeth or other hard objects if you have similar doubts).
[ 3 Cleaning Modes ] - The teeth tartar remover has 3 adjustable vibration strength modes, Suitable for different sensitivity of gums and different teeth stain conditions, can efficiently remove stubborn calculus, hard tartar and tooth stains. Ideal for the elderly, kids (Over 12 years old) and even pets.


Ask a Question
  • How long do you charge before using?

    About 2-3hours.

  • How do you charge it?

    Wireless charging

  • Has anyone succeeded in removing hard plaque from the back of teeth?

    Yes, although I only had a little bit. You could barely see it, but, I felt it with my tongue (in between my two front teeth)

  • Is the teeth cleaning kit able to use on the teeth of my dog?

    I used it on my dog’s teeth several days ago. The first time of use, my dog was scared and kept trying to escape. Later, my husband hugged the dog and helped me finish this difficult task. Therefore, you may need someone to help you when useing it. Nice product!

  • Will this calculus remover shut off when the cleaning head touches your gums?

    Technically yes, this electric teeth cleaner will stop to protect gums but not shut down when touching the gums. I can’t feel its vibration at this time, but feel a little bit of heat. I think it won't hurt my gums because my gums feel comfortable, and just like a massage.

  • I am a heavy smoker and my with lots of stains, could this teeth cleaning kit help me remove my smoke stain?

    There are two tips to choose from: the sharper, pointed for between teeth, and the flatter tool tip for tooth surfaces. They both worked for me on some medium tartar build-up and left my teeth cleaner immediately. Repeat use, even better! I highly recommend this tool.

  • Does this tool scratch the tooth surface?

    No i don't think so

  • Hello, can I use this everyday? Will it hurt my teeth? Thanks!

    There is no need to use every day. I’ve used it once to make sure that you get front and back of your teeth with provided little mirror. I will get a potable mirror so that you can see your teeth better. I only use the soft setting which does a good job anyway. Yes, using every day may be too much and may damage your teeth enamel. I cleaned well enough and used some whitening to help not getting stain by coffee and what not. I would think that if you use every two weeks or every month, I think it is OK. Make sure to use the soft setting first. Of course depending on how dirty your teeth are in the beginning. Just take your time to clean between teeth and get all the callus and calcium build up on your teeth. Ready the instructions of which probe you use. I only used the one that was already attached which is for surface cleaning. It still worked. Now for back of the teeth, I think you still need to go to hygienist to get them clean thoroughly. I would use this anything in between for my periodic check up.

  • Will this remove plaque under gum pockets?

    Our product adopts the real ultrasonic technology, produces up to 40Khz high vibration frequency, Effortless crush stubborn calculus, hard tartar, plaque, and teeth stains. If you have any question, welcome to contact us through email on the package. thanks