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Wireless Car Charger 15W Qi Fast Vent Mount Holder for iPhone 12/13 Mini Pro Max

Original price $68.99
Current price $24.99
Color: White
[DESIGNED FOR iPhone12 SERIES]: The new wireless car charger is specially designed for iPhone12 series. It is only compatible for iPhone12/iPhone 12 Mini/Iphone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro Max/ iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Mini/iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 13 Pro Max and magnetic cases. It is not suitable for other mobile phones and phone cases. Users who use non-magnetic phone cases please don't purchase them.
[MAGNETIC WIRELESS CHARGING]: magnetic cell phone charger has a built-in magnetic element, and the strong suction force can closely fit the phone. The maximum power of 15W provides fast charging, and the power is automatically turned off when fully charged. It does not need clamps, is stable and does not slip off.
[EASY TO INSTALL AND USE]: The car wireless charger can be firmly installed on the air outlet with a few simple parts. After the installation is complete, bring the phone close to the wireless charger, you will feel the suction, and then put the phone on the charger to charge. Without complicated devices, and supports 360 degree rotation.You will find the most suitable perspective.
[SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS VENTS]: Car phone mount supports two installation methods and is suitable for a variety of round and rectangular vents. Just turn the button to make the length of the hook match the grid of the air outlet and tighten it. The package is equipped with auxiliary accessories for circular air outlet, which can meet your various needs.
[WHAT'S YOU GET]: 1*Packing box, 1*Magnetic Wireless Car Charger, 1*Instructions, 1* Type C power cord, 1*Fixed ring, 1*Car bracket, 1*Round air outlet bracket. Please note: The package is equipped with a USB power cord. Please insert all the Type C connectors into the interface before installing the wireless car charger. Note that you must insert all the plugs, otherwise it will not be able to charge normally.


Ask a Question
  • What is the main body made from? Is it metal or plastic? And what is the weight of the item?

    Plastic and the weight about 300G

  • Does this securely mount onto round vents (where the blades curve outward and there’s a handle in the middle to adjust the blades)?

    Sure it can be work

  • What is the mm size of the ball in the mount?

    About 16.7mm,if you can't use magsafe car vent can try our this magsafe car mount.

  • Will this work with a otter box

    if it has a magsafe magnetic sticker on the otter box case back it should be work.Or it can't

  • Does this include the 12v charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter and does your price include shipping to the UK? And how long would delivery take?

    No,this link won't include 12V car charger plugs .This price has included shipping to UK.To UK will cost 12-15days

  • Does it come with the cord and what kind of cord is it?

    it comes with a 1M usb-c cord

  • What size ball is on the back? I need to use a solution that isn’t a vent.

    About 17MM

  • Can I use this without any case at all, i.e. just the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Magsafe Wireless Car Charger?

    Sure,you can use your phone directly.

  • Does this magsafe car charger leave a circular imprint when connect with iphone 12 series phone?

    it leaves a circular imprint when you power on your iphone 12 series phone.

  • will this holder tight?

    Yes it holds very tight and doesn’t wiggle with vibration

  • Do the magnets have any adverse affect on the phone itself?

    No.becasue of iphone 12 series is building in magnetic already.

  • If I have a phone case does this holder still can be work?

    it will be better for you to buy magsafe iphone case.

  • How should I remove my iphone 12 from the mount?

     you can pull the phone off the base directly.

  • Does this magsafe wireless car charger for iphone 12 Series ?

    yes,only for iphone 12 mini,iphone 12 pro ,iphone 12 and iphone 12 pro max