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Electric Pill Crusher Grinder Pill Cutters for Small or Large Pills Medication and Vitamin Tablets to Fine Powder

Original price $99.99
Current price $48.99
[No More Manual Grinding]:Electronic pill grinder features stainless steel blades to effectively grind pills in seconds. Also a perfect choice for the elderly, people with arthritis or weak grip strength. It is sealed with an inner lid, avoiding the powder flying everywhere during the process.
[For Pills of Any Size and Shape]:Whether your current medications are large or small, the Pill Mill pill pulverizer will effectively grind whole pills and tablets. The large pill crusher also holds over 100 pills at one time for easy medication management.
[Make Any Pill Easier to Swallow]:This electric crusher grinder can pulverize multiple pills at once easily. Make it easier for you to swallow your medicines, vitamins and supplements,Pills crushed into fine powder are better for digestion and absorption.The pill crusher can also crush drugs,vitamins and supplements for the picky pets
[Creates a Very Fine Powder]:The pill crusher grinder features high-quality 304 stainless steel bidirectional structure blade. Unique blade shape is able to 360-degree grinding, crushing pills without dead cornerl. The metal pill grinder also includes a small brush for wiping away residue.
[Safty and Easy to Use]:Simply put the pills and tablets into the medicine crusher cup, then close the covers and the lid is used as a switch; Just a gentle press, the grinder will start grinding, and only stop till you lift your hand from the lid. You can also keep pressing the lid within different time length so as to control the coarse, fine grinding state. In addition, it makes the grinder safer, since the blade will only start to rotate when the lid is on the cup and pressed down.