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Ear Wax Removal Tool With Camera Otoscope 1080P Wifi Ear Clean Kit Smart Visual Ear Stick Endoscope

Original price $69.99
Current price $29.99
[1080P HD Ear Camera]: The earwax removal kit is equipped with 6 LED lights and a 1080P HD camera to help you see and clean earwax effectively. When in use, the earwax removal camera's temperature is close to human body temperature. Suitable for adults, children, pets, check teeth, nose, throat, scalp root, and other body parts.
[3 Kinds of Radian Ear Scoop]: The ear cleaner adopts rotatable metal ear scoops, which can be tightened to prevent falling off. Use a silicone ear scoop cover over the ear scoop to prevent scratching the ear canal. You can choose the curvature of the ear scoop that suits you. Before use, please pay attention to tightly fit the silicone ear scoop on the ear scoop.
[Easy to Use]: The ear cleaner has a built-in 350mAh rechargeable battery, which can be used for 90 minutes after being fully charged, and the standby time can be up to 30 days. IP67 waterproof otoscope, ear spoon, and lens can be washed with water or wiped with alcohol cotton after use, please do not put the whole otoscope in water.
[Support Android and IOS Devices]: Scan the QR code to download the "Suear" APP. Press and hold the switch button to turn it on, and connect the earwax camera through the device's WIFI to start using. The photos and videos taken by the device will be stored in the App album. If you want to save them in your phone album, please allow the App to access your album.
[Package]: Earwax Removal Kit with Light*1, Silicone Earplug Cover*4, Earplug Cover Storage Bottle*1, Traditional Ear Scoop Kit*8, Charging Cable*1, Instruction Manual.


Ask a Question
  • How do we stop it from going in too far?

    Don’t put it in so far. The camera is there for a reason.

  • Will it work with android?


  • What phones are compatible with this?

    I have an iPhone. The app was easily found in the app store. Android phone i think it is the same

  • Will the accessories drop during use? I'm a little worried.

    Please put the silicone sleeve firmly on the earplugs before use. If you use it for the first time, you can adapt to the feel of the earwax removal kit. It is recommended to move gently and slowly.

  • Is it recommended (and work better) to do it yourself, or have someone (e.g. your spouse) to do it for you?

    The kit was purchased by my son, for his use, I stood by to help him if he needed any help, as it turned out, he did not. He was so relieved! It worked great, and he did it by himself!

  • Can the wireless earwax camera clearly see the earwax?

    Yes. Our ear wax removal kit equipped with a 1080P HD camera and 6 axis gyroscope can automatically adjust the focus to get clearer images and offers 360°wide-angle shooting.