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Cordless Electric Pill Crusher Battery Operated Grinder Extremely Fine Powder for Small and Large Medication

Original price $129.99
Current price $47.99

【CORDLESS ELECTRIC PILL GRINDER】Equipped with a 1500mAh battery, the cordless pill grinder could be used anywhere and anytime, no cable tangles. With 3 hours charging, it could grind 20+ times. our battery powered electric pill crusher effortlessly crushes your pills into a FINE POWDER that makes swallowing your medications, vitamins and supplements easier and aids in digestion and absorption.
【NO MORE MANUAL GRINDING】Perfect for the elderly and those with arthritis or weak grip strength, our Electronic pill grinder features stainless steel blades to effectively grind pills in seconds. Simply place your large pills and tablets in the medicine crusher cup, replace the covers and press downward to grind them into one easy-to-manage dose.
【HANDLES MORE THAN 1-100 TABLETS OF ANY SIZE】 Whether your current medications are large or small, our pill pulverizer will effectively grind whole pills and tablets. The large pill crusher also holds over 1-100 pills at one time for easy medication management. Adopts a double sealing cover design with double protection, which is more effective in preventing tablets from splashing around when it is working.
【REMOVALBE GRINDING CUP FOR EASY CLEAN】The electric pill crusher with a removable grinding cup helps you pour pill power more easily. You can also rinse it directly under the faucet to clean it up, saying goodbye to chaos. The metal pill grinder also includes a dual-use Brush and Spoon. The spoon can be used to dig up pill powder, and the brush can be used to clean up the grinding cup of blade pill crusher..
【ONE-BUTTON OPERATION AND EASY TO USE】Add the required amount of ingredients to the grinder bowl, put the lid on, then double press the ON/OFF button to activate grinding. In addition, it is equipped with an overheating protection program. Long press for 20 seconds and it will stop automatically.

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