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Cordless Air Duster Portable Electric Air Blower Compressed for Keyboard Laptop PC Camera Cleaning

Original price $139.99
Current price $79.99
[ROTARY AIR OUTLET DESIGN]: air duster is one of the few products on the market with a rotating air outlet. It can freely rotate within a range of 120, thereby freeing your hands and improving cleaning efficiency; It is easy to store, only needs a simple rotation to complete the storage. Other brands only support disassembly, but not rotation.
[ENHANCED CLEANING POWER]: Upgrade max power 60W, 40000 RPM motor provides ultra-strong airflow for deep cleaning of microscopic dust. Fit for different devices cleaning ranging from the computer, camera lens, PS4/5, laptop, air conditioners, sofa, printed circuit boards to electronic instruments, medical devices cleaning; Replaces Compressed Spray Gas.
[MORE IMPROVEMENTS]: Whole black body, modern and simple style; Excellent workmanship, you can hardly see any seams; Fewer screw holes,more beautiful than other air dusters; The air inlet design on the back reduces dust entering the air blower.
[MORE EFFICIENT AND SAFER]: Steel made and vertical hidden fan blade design, you can’t directly see and touch the high-speed rotating fan blades, greatly extend the working life of the duster blade, more efficient and safer(Especially for children).
[TWO INTELLIGENT MODES]: Keep pressing the power button, the indicator lights up, the machine will work until the power button release; Double-click the power button, the indicator lights up, the machine will work continuously until you press the power button again.
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