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Dental Camera HD Intraoral Oral Endoscope LED Light USB Inspection

Original price $89.90
Current price $39.99
【Features】 1080P(1920*1080), 2.0 MP WIFI Oral Mouth Endoscope. The electronic micro-camera can realize the oral tooth cleaning care. Connect the iOS, Android mobile phone and tablet through wireless WiFi, and observe the whole process in real time. WiFi signal is smooth within 3 meters.
【Advantages】 Ultra-small lens, high-definition pixels, easy to enter the ear canal, see more clearly. 8 LED light brightness adjustable dimmer button control box can be according to your needs. Suitable for daily cleaning care. It can also be used for pet oral cleaning care. A must-have tool for every family.
【Applications】 Special focus, the ultra-small distance can be seen more clearly. Versatile, it can check the teeth of the mouth, but also the gums, throat, nasal cavity, scalp hair roots and other body parts.
【USB Rechargeable】 The battery can be recharged and used without replacement,2 hours long use time 2 hours fast full.