Last Year,Besides iPhone X,Apple give us another amazing product,it called Airpower Wireless Charger Pad.Every body are expect airpower launch as soon as possible.However,Apple make a joke to us and said it will on sale in 2018.

After iPhone 8、iPhone 8 Plus  and iPhone X official announcement .We have confirmed Apple is support Wireless Power Consortium QI stand. So we can be sure Airpower is also based on this .This wireless charging pad can power many different apple device at the same time.that means,you can put your iphone,Apple watch and Airpods on the pad to is reported that Apple wireless charge will be limited to is much lower than powered with cable.But if there are many cable it will turning into a jungle .

However 2018 is coming ,but airpower we still won’t see where is it.But then we bring a good news.A company called “Raugee“bring a wireless charge pad that can work with iphone 8,iphone 8 plus ,iphone X and Apple watch now.

On Raugee Official Website,We find this Mini Airpower is on sale now.It is also based on Qi Wireless charger stand.The MAX can be to 7.5W and the price is around 39.99USD.From the photos,this Mini Airpower is White and the size is 150*60* is not big .

From its description,we can know it can power the Apple watch and iphone X ,iphone 8,iphone 8 Plus at the same time.On the Apple charge side,it also can support any smartphone to power the phone.Such as samsung Galaxy phone.But the left side can only power Apple watch 2 and apple watch 3.

If you are interesting in this products you can clink here to get more informations.

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